When you put your trust in RMAC, you gain access to objective advice, and legal and tax compliant options for structured settlements, deferred and tax-favorable income, capital gains, and wealth management.

Deferred Income

Leverage the power of this tax planning and cash management strategy. Postponing payment can be an excellent strategy to grow your investment, spread out the tax burden, or add a reliable income source for retirement. We are prepared to work with your accountant to arrange payment schedules, and can even include future lump sum payments for things like buying a home or paying for college. For attorneys that structure their fees, risk tolerance and financial goals help determine whether guaranteed payments or a professionally managed account is the best option, and taxes are only paid when you receive the funds.

Capital Gains

Employ the right financial strategy to defer or reduce capital gains taxes. Deferring the sale of an asset or investing in a tax-advantaged account are among the many strategies available to individuals and corporations who take a proactive approach to capital gains. Being proactive is an especially important consideration when acquiring or disposing of a business entity or its assets. For Mergers & Acquisitions, RMAC offers extensive financial modeling to help both parties meet their tax and financial objectives.

Structured settlements have been endorsed by many of the nation’s largest disability rights organizations, including the American Association of People with Disabilities and the National Organization on Disability.